Holding a Doctorate of Philosophy from Brunel University London, focused on Strategic decisions and quality in the context of Higher Education, and obtained postgraduate studies in International Business from Leeds Business School. Currently holding the position Director of Centre for Accreditations and Quality Assurance (CAQA) at Ahlia University (Bahrain), as part of the daily activities a high role of supporting various nature of units within the university with all the quality assurance activities and ensuring high quality standards and promulgating the best practices across the university, units has been supported in relation to Quality Management & Control standards pertaining to Academic and Administrative aspects. I am an approved external reviewer/examiner for Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) and Bahrain Quality Assurance (BQA), conducted various QA external reviews at both programme and institutional level.

As an expert in curriculum review, obtained both experience in designing and mapping qualifications to be placed on the National Qualification Framework as well as to be aligned in case of foreign qualification delivered in the country. Active validator for the General Directorate for Qualifications as part of BQA, Bahrain to evaluate the qualifications to be placed on the framework.

Highly experienced in HEIs in various counties such as United Kingdom, Kingdom of Bahrain and Oman, along with my diverse background enable me to transfer and share knowledge and experience from multiple aspects. In particular is solids my background to institutionalize and streamline various adapted QA standards into one quality management system supporting all the HEI targets such as international accreditation and ranking. This area was activated through becoming an active member at governance level which enable revising, implementation, assessing and further planning for the university strategic plan towards achieving the mission and vision of the university that includes 5-10 years targets and Key Performance indicators (KPIs) have also been practiced and highly performed in all aspects not restricted to QA.

Various publications and research has been conducted as part of the continuous research, publications in the area of strategies of Higher Education and Quality Management was presented in multiple International journals and conferences.


Areas of research interests:

  • Strategic Management and Decision Making
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Curriculum Design and Employability
  • Qualification Frameworks and Assurance of Learning


  • Strategic Management
  • Quality Assurance


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