Zainab Jaafar Ali Alhayki was born in 1984 in Bahrain. She received her B.Sc. degree in Education in English from University of Bahrain, College of Education in 2007 and worked as an English teacher in 2007-2008. She received her Master and Ph.D. degree in Finance and Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 2010, 2013 respectively.  She joined Ahlia University in 2011-2012 as a part time lecturer for one semester, and then rejoined in 2014 as full time Assistant Professor.


  • International trade
  • Exchange rate
  • Investment
  • Corporate Finance


Dr. Zainab Jaafar Al Hayki Research


  • During my teaching career, I taught one course in Finance entitled International Finance and two courses in Economics including: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at undergraduate levels.


Supervision of undergraduate Theses:

  • Measuring Awareness of Water Scarcity in Bahrain
  • A Study Of Awareness Of Money Laundering In The Kingdom Of Bahrain


  • International Conference on Multidisciplinary Academic Research & Global Innovation (2015), Beijing China
  • 16th International Business Research Conference, Novotel World Trade Centre (2012), Off Sheikh Zayed Road, Za’abeel 2, Dubai, UAE
  • Corporate Investment, Leverage, and Unanticipated Growth Opportunities (2009). Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, China



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