Maria Saberi is an organisational behaviour specialist participating in the enhancement of human resource performance starting from undergraduate level.

She is also a Regional director for the Middle East, at the International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI). Specialized in Emotional literacy and Emotional Intelligence (EI) development and a certified administrator of the intercultural sensitivity development inventory (IDI).

For over a decade she has passionately provided both academic and career counseling and coaching to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students at Ahlia University. During this time she has been able to help young adults deal with behavioural as well as emotional issues related to poor academic and work performance.

Maria Saberi is a member of:

  1. The International Society for Emotional Intelligence (ISEI).
  2. The International Mailing list for Research on Emotions in Organizations (EMONET).
  3. Bahrain Society for Training and Development (BSTD).
  4. Bahrain Society for Child Development (BSCD).

Her Current evolving interests are:
 Career and self-awareness coaching using EI tools.

  • Emotional Labour training for multinational service organisations dealing with intercultural customer encounters using the empirically self-developed intercultural training model.

Maria’s Previous Posts are as follows:

From Jan 2014 to Feb 2015 she held the Acting Chairperson post to the MIS department – College of Business and Finance. During this time was given the responsibility together with my department team members to prepare the BSMIS programme for the QAA review which took place in November 2014.


Maria is focused on the dynamics of emotions in organisational settings.

Recent research work: Empirically developed an intercultural training model which utilises emotional intelligence to enhance intercultural sensitivity during workplace intercultural encounters.


Dr. Mareyia Akbar Husain Hajeeh Saberi Research


I am currently teaching courses spanning first year BSc Management courses to MBA level, my teaching interests are in the area of Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, and HRM. I apply a trainer’s approach, rather than teacher’s approach, to my classes which enhance the employability skills in my students and prepares them for the industry. These are such as student-centered self-learning workshops based classes applied to even first year BSc students. I also let students perform online activities and attitude enhancement games during class. Seating in my classes is U shaped where there is only one row of students for better interaction and class performance. Every section creates a ‘whatsup’ group where we have constant contact with each other, and build a stronger relationship amongst students and with myself to ease the learning process.

Courses taught up to now: BSc courses: HRM, Organisational Behaviour & Leadership Development, Fundamentals of Management, Consumer Behaviour, Operations and Production Management, Management Information Systems, E-Commerce, and C-Language. MBA courses: Leadership in Organisations.


I am currently supervising both BSc. and MBA senior Projects/Dissertations and since achieving my PhD in January 2013, I have supervised and graduated more than 10 MBA students in the areas of HRM and Organisational Behaviour.

I am also a member in the Brunel-Ahlia PhD WtR committee since 2013, providing workshops and counselling to our PhD candidates. I am also currently a member of the Academy of Supervisors, being trained to achieve certification of PhD supervisor.



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  2. The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Improving Intercultural Training: A Literature Review, Maria Saberi, (2011), in: Proceedings of the second international congress on Emotional Intelligence. Santander – Spain pp. 496-504.


  1. The Effects of Long Working Hours on the Bahraini Woman’s Work-Life Balance, Saberi, M. A. (2007), Bahrain Center for Studies & Research, 66 pages, ISBN: 9739990109733.