I am an Assistant professor teaching at Ahlia University and currently the chairperson of the department of Management Information Systems specialising in experimental design and implementation. I Enjoy teaching and conducting scientific experiments in web evaluation.


I am interested in human computer interactions (HCI) precisely user experience (UX) and momentary emotions. At the moment I am researching positive emotions in the online health care sector; how positive emotions shape online social interactions and what are the implications of positivity within the online health care sector.

Dr. Mahmood Saeed Mustafa Al Alawi Research


I teach Business and Finance research methods. I work with senior students to develop research ideas through the use of creative and rational thinking; using brainstorming, relevance tree and other techniques. I aim to demonstrate statistical analysis using different tests, especially linear regressions, Anova, t-tests and correlations testing various hypotheses; using SPSS a statistics application to analyse the data gathered from experiments and questionnaires. I try to discover new journal articles with students by exploring the digital library sources of Ahlia University for example, and also teaching core management information systems subjects. I enjoy learning managing enterprise systems- (ERP), e-commerce-, system analysis & design subjects with students.


I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students and recently two students have submitted their work for the degree of Masters of Engineering Management:


1) Student Name: Husain Abdulameer Shaaban Ali Mohamed.

Title: Assessing the Impact of Cloud Computing On SMB in Bahrain.


2) Student Name: Fatima Akbar Mohamed Ali Wihdat.

Title: Measuring the Effectiveness of Educational Technology.


Also, two MBA students have submitted their work and awaiting defence:

1) Student name: Khalifa Ahmed Ali Mohamed Ali Bushlaibi

Title: Impact of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in Bahraini Enterprises – A practical Case Study: Arabian Gulf University.


2) Student Name: Ebrahim Faisal Ebrahim Ahmed Alshaker.

Title: Business Process Management Systems: A Quasi-experimental study in Bahrain.


  1. The puzzle of data gathering using technology, 26th January 2017, Arab Open University
  2. The impact of website quality on trust, 23rd March 2017, Ahlia University Fifth Annual Research Forum


Alalawi, S.M.  School of Informatics, University of Manchester (10-11 May, 2007). User Experience: Summary Judgments and Momentary Emotions. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) (pp. 1-17).