Prof. Mansoor Ahmed Hasan Husain Alaali

Professor / President
+97317298945 Academic Profile
  • Professor Mansoor Alaali became President of Ahlia University in 2015.
  • He joined Ahlia University in 2009 after 20 years at the University of Bahrain.
  • He is a Chartered Engineer of the British Computer Society.
  • Professor Mansoor is a member of Bahrain National Qualification Framework’s Verification Committee.
  • He is a respected IT and business consultant, developing and advising on various major commercial and technical systems.

Welcome to Ahlia University. Ahlia was the first private University to be licensed by the Bahrain Government and we enrolled our first students in February 2003. Since then we have grown in all aspects: more students, more courses, more international collaborations – while at the same time maintaining our reputation for the highest quality higher education.

I therefore feel a great sense of pride in the achievements of Ahlia’s students and staff as I write this welcome and I look forward to giving you a brief picture of life at Ahlia: our story so far, our achievements in the past year and a glimpse of our future plans.

Our academic achievements and community engagement demonstrate the lasting contribution that Ahlia is making to higher education and the wider community in Bahrain. In 2014 our programmes within the Colleges of Medical & Health Sciences and Information Technology were reviewed and achieved a ’high level of confidence’, the highest possible status. We also achieved approval for placement on the National Qualification Framework (NQF). Two academic programmes were validated, the Master’s Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science (MITCS) and the Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance (BSBF). We continue to strive to provide the highest quality learning and teaching and over the next year will be seeking further validation from both the NAQQAET and the NQF.
We are proud to note that Ahlia is the first and only private University to receive such recognition.

Our students continue to achieve academically and participate actively in community events. Our faculty are gaining recognition in academic and professional fields and 2018 will see the opening of our ambitious new campus situated in the Norther Quarter of Bahrain.

Ahlia’s success derives from the contribution of its staff, the involvement of its stakeholders, the support of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the guidance of our Board of Trustees and our founding body, the Arab Academy for Research & Studies. To all of these, I offer our sincere thanks.

As part of our ongoing development we have developed a new website. It will be an ever changing and developing communication tool as Ahlia University continues in its vision of being an outstanding regional and international University which expands the frontiers of knowledge and in so doing, enriches and elevates our society.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Best Wishes Prof. Mansoor Ahmed Hasan Husain Alaali