Ms. Maha Ebrahim Khalifa Sultan Al Saadoon Research

Ms. Maha Ebrahim Khalifa Sultan Al Saadoon Lecturer
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
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  1. Computer-based System for Test Generation, Rasha Sh. AbdulWahhab, & Maha E. K. AlSadoon, International Journal of Recent Trends in Human Computer Interaction (IJHCI).
    Journal link / Research area: Automatic Test Generator, E−Learning, Computer-Based, Genetic Algorithm


  1. A New Computer-based Test System: An Innovative Approach in E-learning, Maha E. K. AlSadoon and Rasha S. AbdulWahhab, (Dec, 2010), European Conference fo the Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Athens.
    Conference link / Research area: Genetic Algorithm, Test Generation, E-Learning