Ms. Litty Mathew Shibu Research

Ms. Litty Mathew Shibu Lecturer
College of Medical & Health Sciences
Department of Physiotherapy

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  1. Prevalence of work related musculoskeletal disorders amongst Physiotherapists in the kingdom of Bahrain, D. N. Aljairan, H.K.Al Ameeli, A. R. Al Fadhel, E.S.Al Saeedi, L. Shibu, E. Rajab (May 2015), Physiotherapy, Volume – 101, Pages – e54.
    Abstract (pdf) / Journal link / Research area: Physiotherapy

  2. Evaluating professional development in healthcare with outcome based models, Litty M Shibu, Ebrahim K Rajab, Tillal Eldabi (November, 2015), Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century II, Pages – 31.
    Abstract (pdf) / Journal link / Research area: Physiotherapy


  1. The role of social media in continuing professional development of physical therapists: a review of the literature., poster presentation, L Shibu, E Rajab, T Eldabi (2 May 2015), WCPT world Congress 2015, World confederation for physical therapy (WCPT), Singapore.
    Abstract (pdf) / Conference link / Research area: Physiotherapy