Board of Directors of The Arab Academy for Research & Studies

1 Mr. Farooq Y. Al Moayyed Chairman
2 Mr. Mohammad A. Al Naqi Vice-Chairman
3 Prof. Abudlla Y. Al Hawaj Managing Director
4 Dr. Ali J. Al Aradi Member
5 Dr. Jaffar A. Al Tarif Member
6 Mr. Khalid Y. Janahi Member
7 Dr. Lulwa Al Mutlaq Member
8 Mr. Suad A. Al Ashqar Member
9 Mrs. Fawzia A. Zainal Member
10 Mrs. Laila Al Oraify Member
11 Mr. Hameed Salman Member

The University Board of Trustees

1 Prof. Abduall Y Al Hawaj Chairman of the Board of Trustees
2 Prof. Marwan R. Al Kamal President of Philadelphia University, Jordan
3 Prof. Ali Abdul Rahman Ex-President of Cairo University
4 Prof. Mansoor Alaali President of Ahlia University
5 Dr. Zamil A. Al Mokrin Director & General Manager of Eastern Province Cement Company, KSA / Ex-Dean, King Fahad University of Petroleum
6 Dr. Anwar Al Naqi Associate Professor, Applied Science Organization, Kuwait
7 Mr. Saud A. Al Ashqar Ex-Senior Vice President of ARAMCO, KSA

Members of The University Council

1 Prof. Mansoor Al A’ali University President

Chairperson of the University Council

2 Prof. Bakr A. Hassan Senior Adviser to the President
2 Prof. Shawqi Al Dallal President’s Adviser for Futuristic Studies & Innovation/Acting Dean of College of Medical & Health Sciences
4 Prof. Amer AlRoubaie Adviser for Capacity Building and Academic Cooperation
5 Prof. Kailash Madan Adviser for Measurement & Evaluation
6 Dr. Lameea Al Tahoo Adviser for HR & Professional Development
7 Dr. Muneer Al Mubarak Dean of College of Business & Finance
8 Dr. Wasan Shaker Awad Dean of College of Information Technology
9 Dr. Madina Hamiane Dean of College of Engineering
10 Dr. Said Al Hajjar Acting Dean of College of Arts and Science
11 Dr. Dalia Shewitta Acting Dean of College of Graduate Studies and Research
12 Dr. Raida Al-Alawi Acting Dean of Deanship of Student Affairs
13 Dr. Ahlam Hassan President Assistant for Quality Assurance and Planning
14 Dr. Ebrahim Malalla President Assistant for University Compliance
 15  Dr. Thaira AlShirawi  President Assistant for Media, Marketing and Public Relations
16 Prof. Ismail Noori Representative of Professors
17 Dr. Gagan Kukreja Representative of Associate Professors
18 Dr. Ammar Al Dallal Representative of Assistant Professors
19 Dr. Abdulmonem Al Shirawi Member for Professional Certification
20 Mr. Ammar Al Hawaj Representative of Lecturers
21 Mr. Loay Ali Mubarak President of Student Council
22 Ms. Elham Ahmed Secretary to University Council


University Organisation Structure

University Organisation Structure

Academic Affairs (Deans of Colleges)

Academic Affairs (Deans of Colleges)

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research

Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research.pdf

Annual Report