Dr. Zainab Jaafar Al Hayki Research

Dr. Zainab Jaafar Al Hayki Assistant Professor
College of Business & Finance
Department of Accounting & Economics

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  1. The impact of exchange rate movements on industries trade between Indonesia and China, Ahmed Alhayky, Zainab Alhayki (2016), Vol. 1 , Issue 1, Amity Journals of Economics.
    Research area: International Economics

  2. The Dynamics co-movements between oil and stock market returns: the Case of GCC Countries, Zainab Alhayki (2014), Journal of Applied Finance & Banking, Vol. 4 , Issue 3 , PP. 103-113.
    Research area: International Finance

  3. The stock market relationship between Mainland China and Hong Kong during financial crises, Ahmed Alhayky, Zainab Alhayki (2012), The Empirical Economics Letters, Vol.6, Issue 11, PP. 571-559.
    Research area: International Finance