Dr. Pocholo Bernal Trinidad Research

Dr. Pocholo Bernal Trinidad Lecturer
College of Medical & Health Sciences
Department of PhysiotherapyAcademic Profile / Google Scholar


  1. Efficacy of a CO Mmunity-based WALKing programme with or without a pedometer on markers of glucose control, U. Sachdeva; EK Rajab; P. Trinidad; M. M. F. Subhan (2013), cardio-respiratory fitness and lung inflammation in Bahraini adults with type 2 diabetes: a pilot randomised controlled trial.
    Abstract (pdf) / Journal link / Research area: Diabetes, and Quality of Life (QOL)

  2. Prevalence of overweight and obesity amongst Children in the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC) States: A Sytematic Review, E.K. Rajab, K.E. Rajab, P. Trinidad (20140, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, Volume 16, Supplement 1 , p. A-128.
    Abstract (pdf) / Journal link / Research area: Diabetes and Exercise