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Dr. Ahmed Jedidi Assistant Professor / Chairperson
College of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
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  1. Application Source Code Modification for Processor Architecture Lifetime Improvement”, Montassar Ben Saad, Ahmed Jedidi, Smail Niar and Mohamed Abid (2017), International Journal of Embedded Systems, Vol. 9 No2.
    Journal link / Research area: NA

  2. “Attacks Management in All-Optical Networks”, A. Jedidi and M. Abid (2013),  Transactions on Systems, Signals and Devices Vol. 8, No. 3 Issues on Communication & Signal Processing Volume: 3, Publisher Shaker Verlag.
    Journal link / Research area: NA

  3. “Detection and localization of crosstalk in an all-optical network”, A. Jedidi, R. Regeb and M. Abid (January, 2011), Journal of optics, volume 13, number1, Publisher IOPScience.
    Abstract (pdf) /Research area: NA

  4. “Detection  and  Localization  of  Crosstalk  in Optical Time Division  Multiplexed Transmission Systems”, A.  Jedidi  and  M.  Abid (April 2010),  Journal of Telecommunications, Volume 2, Issue1.
    Abstract (pdf) / Journal link / Research area: Performance in Embedded Systems, MPSoC and VLSI design, Optical communication, Wireless sensor network


  1. “History Trust Routing Algorithm to improve efficiency and security in Wireless Sensor Network”, Ahmed Jedidi, and Alwi Mohammad A Bamhdi (March 28 – 31, 2017), The International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices 2017, Marrakech, Morocco.
    Research area: NA

  2. “Monitoring and prediction of Intra-Crosstalk in All-Optical Network”, Ahmed Jedidi, Mesfer Mohammed Alshamrani, and Alwi Mohammad A Bamhdi (26-27 January 2016), 18th International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
    Abstract (pdf) / Conference link / Research area: NA

  3. “Code Compilation Exploration for Thermal Dissipation Reduction in SoC”, M.  Ben Saad.  A.  Jedidi, S. NIAR and M.  Abid (14-17 December 2014), 26th International Conference on Microelectronics, Qatar.
    Research area: NA

  4. “Compilation Optimization Exploration for Thermal Dissipation Reduction in Embedded Systems”, M. Ben Saad. A. Jedidi, S. NIAR and M. Abid (2012), 7th International Design and Test Symposium, Qatar.
    Research area: NA

  5. “Attacks Management in All- Optical Networks”, A.  Jedidi, Nawel ghamgui and M.  Abid (22-25 March 2011), 8th International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices, (SSD 2011), Tunisia.
    Research area: NA

  6. “Optimal Crosstalk Monitoring and Identification Method for All-Optical Networks”, A. Jedidi, and M. Abid (28-30 April, 2009), The Sixth IEEE and IFIP International Conference on wireless and Optical communications Networks (WOCN2009), Cairo, Egypt.
    Research area: NA

  7. “Performance Monitoring Method for All-Optical Networks”, A. Jedidi, and M. Abid (30-31 May, 2009), International Conference on Networking and Digital Society (ICNDS 2009), Guiyang, China.
    Research area: NA

  8. “Design of Fractal Image Compression on SOC”, Ahmed Jedidi, Badreddine Rejeb, Mohamed Abid (7-9 April, 2008), IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI,  ISVLSI  2008,  ,  Montpellier,  France, IEEE Computer Society 2008, ISBN 978-0-7695-3170-0.
    Research area: NA

  9. “Hardware- based monitoring method for all-optical components”, A.  Jedidi, R.  Rejeb,  B. Rejeb,  M. Abid (December, 2007),  M.S. Leeson,  and  R.J.  Green, IEEE International     Conference     on     Transparent     Optical     Networks, ‘Mediterranean Winter’ (ICTON- MW07), session Fr2B.2, Sousse.
    Research area: NA

  10. “Design of  Monitoring  Device  Block  for  All-Optical  Components”,  .  A. Jedidi, R. Rejeb, B. Rejeb, M. Abid (December 2007), M.S. Leeson, and R.J. Green, IEEE International     Conference on Transparent   Optical  Networks – ‘Mediterranean    Winter’    (ICTON-    MW07),    session    Fr2B.23,    Sousse.
    Research area: NA


  1. Détection & Localisation des Diaphonies dans les Réseaux tout-Optiques, Ahmed Jedidi, Ahmed Jedidi (May, 2017), Editions universitaires europeennes, PP. 132, ISBN-13: 978-3-330-87119-9, ISBN-10: 3330871199, EAN: 9783330871199.
    Publisher link / Research area: NA