Prof. Shawqi Al Dallal, Dean of College of Medical & Health Sciences

Dean’s Welcome

Medical and Health Sciences is the largest industry sector in the world. The importance of training individuals to be independent medical services practitioners by providing them with a diverse academic, research and clinical experience to enrich their professional development is critical to our future development.

Here at The College of Medical and Health Sciences we aspire to produce highly competent health care professionals who utilise critical thinking for clinical decision-making and demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour.

We impart the knowledge, attitudes and skills vital to carrying out clinical, research, administrative and academic functions and produce graduates who will be socially and ethically aware, trained in the latest scientific techniques within the health care sector, and most importantly employer ready to enter the Health Care sector as highly skilled medical professionals.

A career within Medical and Health Sciences can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable professions. We welcome you to our College and together, look forward to a successful future.


Best Wishes

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Professor Shawqi Al Dallal



Core Competence

Over the past few years, the demand for physiotherapy professional services has increased dramatically around the globe including the Gulf region. The Department of Physiotherapy at Ahlia University offers a comprehensive programme that strive for generating  independent, professional, skilled, reflective and analytical physiotherapists who acquire a strong scientific and methodical knowledge base and understand the importance of research and evidence based clinical practice.

Physiotherapists have an important role in the health care of patients of all ages who have lost movement or functional ability following an accident or disease, by utilizing physical approach aimed at the promotion, preservation and restoration of the individual’s physical, psychological and social welfare.

Through relieving pain, restoring function, preventing impairment and improving functional status, physiotherapists assist people to continue as active and independent people.

The College of Medical and Health Sciences aims at training self-sufficient physiotherapists by providing theoretical and clinical practical courses achieved by meeting and working with patients in a variety of healthcare environments.

Vision of College

The Vision of the College of Medical & Health Sciences is to be a local, regional and international leader in health care education, by promoting excellence in professional practice, research and community service.

Mission of College

The Mission of the College of Medical & Health Sciences is to:

  1. Produce health care professionals who are able to respond effectively to the needs of the community and the region, while remaining sensitive to the socio-cultural values and beliefs.
  2. Conduct innovative health care research that addresses local, regional and international needs, and advances the frontiers of knowledge.


Clinical education courses takes place at a number of external sites (see list of affiliated hospitals & centres)and are structured, credited, documented and assessed according to the norms and standards of the University for clinical courses. Clinical training experience are embedded in clinical courses.  Students are placed into 2 major governmental hospitals (under the Ministry of Health (MOH) & Ministry of Defense),  primary health centers (under the MOH), 5 private hospitals (one of it is specialised hospital) and two private clinics.  Students in final year will be also gaining experience visiting community-based centres in both pediatric and geriatric settings.


Each multi-section clinical course has a course coordinator, course instructor and Clinical assistant(s) all of whom are licensed physiotherapists/medical practitioners and act as mentors to the students. The coordinators and instructors are either full time or part-time faculty members under the management of the Department Chairperson.


Furthermore, Clinical Education have been detailed in a Clinical Education Manual and Clinical Training and Education Logbook which includes policies & procedures and assessment methods.

# Name of Hospitals/Centers Website
1 Salmaniya Medical Complex
2 King Hamad University Hospital
3 Primary Health Centers, Ministry of Health

  1. Isa Town Health Center
  2. Ibn Sina Health Center
  3. Ahmed Ali Kanoo Health Center
  4. Mohammed Jassim Kanoo Health Center
  5. NBB-Arad Health Center
4 American Mission Hospital
5 Ibn-Al Nafees Hospital
6 Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
Royal Bahrain Hospital
8 International Hospital of Bahrain
9 Therapy Center for Physical Therapy
10 Bahrain Mobility Center
11 Community-Based Rehabilitation Centers

  1. NBB- Elderly People Center
  2. NBB-Disabled Children Center
  3. Dar Al Manar Parent’s Day Care Center
  4. Al Hekma Retirement Society
  5. Muharraq Social Welfare Center


Professional Recognition

Graduates are qualified to sit for the Bahrain Physiotherapy Profession Licensure Exam which is necessary before working as a physiotherapist in Bahrain. Certifications on international workshops and seminars are conducted to enhance and update their knowledge and skills in the field. Students will also be certified on First Aid & Emergency Medical Procedures.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can expect to find employment as entry level professional physiotherapists within the public and private health sector of Bahrain and the GCC. In addition, the transferable skills obtained on this degree programme enable graduates to apply for employment in health promotion in the hospitals, private clinics, community centres, sports facilities, fitness centres, industrial clinics, insurance companies and academic fields as clinical instructors, graduate assistants or laboratory demonstrators.


Our faculty members are active in international and local research. The department has well-equipped research laboratory in the field of physiotherapy. We have recognised expertise in wide variety of areas of interest for research such as exercise and diabetes, biomechanics, women’s health, pediatric physiotherapy, community based-rehabilitation using transdisciplinary approach, neurology & vestibular rehabilitation and sports management.


If you would like to know more about our programmes we would love to hear from you. Call Dr Shawqi Al Dallal on 17298999 (ext.8905) or email on or call Redha Dashti on  17298999 (ext. 8971) or email on or pop in and visit us.

Internal Seminars

Research Seminars conducting by the college

  1. Dr. Dalia Kamal & Dr. Sayed A Tantawy – Common musculoskeletal problems in women: a case study of postnatal period

  2. Dr. Pocholo B Trinidad – A study protocol: Managing A Community-Based Rehabilitation In Physical Therapy Academic Programs In The Philippines

  3. Dr. Redha Dashti – The Effects of Headphone Usage on Postural Stabilities in Young Adults

  4. Prof. Shawqi Al Dallal   – Energy for the Future

  5. Dr. Dalia Shewitta  – Phones and the Musculoskeleton