Research is the path towards the authentication of knowledge and the development of sciences, social sciences and arts in society. Ahlia University Academic Staff understand that an outstanding university needs to have both components: engaging teaching methodology and rigorous research in order to distinguish itself and hone the talents of its students. The Postgraduate Studies Deanship forms an important and integral part of the academic program at Ahlia University and receives considerable support from the University Council. The Dean of the College for Research and Postgraduate Studies ensures that the vision and mission for the College are implemented.


Vision: To promote a research environment to conduct innovative research work, with integrity and commitment to high ethical standards.

Mission: Our mission is to create the necessary elements to disseminate knowledge and to prepare the environment that emphasizes the importance of research. We introduce programs that help students to be equipped with the fundamentals, educational resources, and direction to pursue a lifelong commitment to ethically responsible research.

We recognize that Ahlia University has to be internationally competitive by promoting research in various disciplines. In addition to Ahlia’s strong academic research team, the College of Postgraduate Studies creates entrepreneurial programs that initiate alliances with other Universities and thus giving its graduates the opportunity to have leadership positions in the society. Furthermore, we believe that establishing challenging research programs based on an authentic interest, enhanced ethical awareness, and sound professional integrity, will certainly create the necessary environment to become internationally competitive.

Goals: Ahlia University aspires to be a leading institute that provides leadership and has the highest implication in developing skills and knowledge to support the needs of the society. Towards this end, the University continues to build bridges with the community through establishing alliances with national, regional, and international Universities and Research Centers. These tasks will be achieved through:

  • Exercising leadership in our society.
  • Developing research facilities in the Departments.
  • Further development of strategic alliances with national and international partners.
  • Offering short courses, and organizing workshops and seminars to the society.
  • Emphasizing the rule of Information System to enhance the reputation of the University.
  • Providing incentives for conducting good quality research.
  • Establishing specialized research centers.

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