Admin Services

The Directorate of Administrative Services is responsible for the University’s administrative functions, providing key logistical support to both academic and non-academic staff.

Centre for Measurement & Evaluation

The center for Measurement & Evaluation (CME) is responsible for the generation of questionnaires and interview surveys, the distribution, collation and interpretation of the results of these questionnaires

Financial Affairs

The Financial Affairs Directorate is responsible for the University’s financial and accounts activities including financial & cost accounting, cash & bank control, purchase & income ledger control,

Human Resources Directorate

The Human Resources Directorate welcome you all and wish you all the best. We exist here to serve Ahlia University most valuable assets, Human Resources. We are here to ensure the availability of information and services that are up to our employees needs and expectations.
This web page is designed to provide you with all you need related to your employment, however if you require any HR related information that is not available here please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please look through the page and provide us with feedback so that we continue to improve our services.

Information and Communications Technology Centre

The main role of Information and Communication Technology Centre is to support and maintain the activities of the AU community by providing the appropriate use of technology through IT related services to students/academics and administrative staff.

Information and Documentation Centre

The Information and Documentation Centre provides essential information and documentation services to the University management, staff, students and other stakeholders.

Professional Relations Directorate

The Professional Relations Directorate is one of the most important directorates in Ahlia. The directorate provides great service to the students and faculty by providing links to the public and private sectors in Bahrain to help students get internships, jobs and work experience. The directorate helps to establish relations between the academic staff and industry in order to provide consultancy, training and research. Alumni follow up is one of the activities of the directorate through its Alumni club. Career counseling and the career day is one of many of the major events organized by the Professional Relations Directorate. To put simply, we create the professional relations between all stake holders for the benefit of our students, our graduates, our faculty and our beloved country.

Marketing, Media & PR

The Marketing, Media & PR Department was formed in 2016 to bring together the Digital and Branding Office, Marketing & Public Relations and the Media Production Centre.

The MMPR Department has a key role in the

Strategic Planning

The strategic planning department plays a key role in the University’s ongoing development.

Center of Statistical Analysis

On behalf of Ahlia University, we are pleased to welcome you to our Center for Statistical Analysis (CSA). We have exerted all our efforts