5 DECEMBER 2016 -You are cordially invited to attend the following lectures organised by the College of Business and Finance


on Monday 5 December 2016 at 12 noon in Theatre 1

4 December 2016 You are cordially invited to attend the Third Accounting and Economics Day organised by the College of Business and Finance

On Sunday 4 December 2016 beginning 9.30am and ending at 2pm in Theatre 1.

The event will discuss various topics which will be beneficial to all students.

30 Nov 2016 – IT Research Weekly Seminars – GP- based Cipher Systems Design

College of Information Technology Announces “IT Research Weekly….  read more

28 November 2016 – Chronic Pain – Negotiating the Evidence Maze

The College of Graduate Studies & Research cordially invite you to a ….  read more

 24 Nov 2016 – Guest lecture by Ms. Haifa Hubaishi on “Differences & Similarities between Internal & External Audit

College of Business and Finance  would like to invite you and your students for guest lecture by ….  read more

23 Nov 2016 – College of Business & Finance Seminar – Stock market reaction to dividend announcements in Saudi Arabia

Banking & Finance department, we would like to invite you to….  read more

23 Nov 2016 – College of Engineering Seminar – Using Ground as a Transmission Medium

The College of Engineering invites you to attend one of its periodic research seminars, the seminar will be presented by…. read more

23 Nov 2016 – Arabian Advanced System (EBSCO) Training

Ahlia University Library is glad to inform you that Mr. Ibrahim Eid from ….  read more

16 Nov 2016 – IT Research Weekly Seminars:

– Developing secure MOOC system with biometric authentication

– Improving Business Intelligence using cloud computing: Ministry of Interior case study.

College of Information Technology Announces “IT Research Weekly….  read more

16 Nov 2016 – Write your Project Report according to Ahlia Template – Workshop

The College of Engineering is organizing a workshop to help 499 students in…. read more

11 Nov 2016 – بطولة الجامعة السادسة عشر لكرة قدم الصالات

تدعوكم إدارة الأنشطة والخدمات في عمادة شؤون الطلبة للمشاركة في ….  read more

9 Nov 2016 – IT Research Weekly Seminars -Research Gap Analysis Through Personalized Structured Literature Review: Continuous System Availability During Cyber Threats

College of Information Technology Announces “IT Research Weekly….  read more

9 Nov 2016 – Ahlia University 11th Graduation Ceremony

Ahlia University 11th Graduation Ceremony ….  read more

2 Nov 2016 – IT Research Weekly Seminars – Classification of Microarry Data Using Mapreduce Based SVM Kernels in Bigdata

College of Information Technology Announces “IT Research Weekly….  read more

26 Oct 2016 – IT Research Weekly Seminars – Balancing Security and Performance for Encrypted Database in the Cloud

College of Information Technology Announces “IT Research Weekly….  read more

20 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 – Pre-Registration Second Semester 2016/2017

Dear Student…

The pre-registration for the Second Semester 2016/2017 is starting from  … read more

28 Sep 2016 – Orientation Day

The orientation day for all Bachelor degree students who joined… read more

Admission is Open 2016/2017

Admission is open for registration for new students and existing students. Please visit us….  read more


The University is divided into 5 Colleges teaching undergraduate programmes in a wide variety of subjects from accounting through to physiotherapy.


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Our postgraduate programmes consist of Masters Degrees and our unique PhD in partnership with Brunel University in London.

About AU

Founded in 2001 under the leadership of founding President Prof. Abdulla Y. Al Hawaj, Ahlia University is the top private University in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Our academics and students are active in research with projects as diverse as examining intellectual capital and research at CERN as part of the Large Hadron Collider Project.

Academic Profiles

Academics Profile
Our academics come from 34 countries around the world and over 80% have a PhD ensuring that we provide some of the highest quality education and teaching in the Kingdom.

Admission & Registration

If you would like to apply to study with Ahlia University, our Admission & Registration department will guide you through the process.


The University is supported by 11 administrative departments and directorates covering everything from Finance to Human Resources.

Student Life

Your student experience outside of academia is very important and so we have a dedicated student activities department who organise events from camping in the desert to sports tournaments.


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Ahlia welcomes students from around the world through our exchange programmes with our partner institutions alongside full time international students.

Latest News

19th & 20th Oct 2016

The International Seminar series in Biomechanics