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Prof. Abdulla Alhawaj

Professor Al-Hawaj Acknowledges Ahlia Faculty’s Research Achievements

Ahlia University Publishes New Book on Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Al-Hawaj lauded the scientific and research productivity of the faculty members and researchers at the Ahlia University. He emphasised the University’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment that motivates all faculty members to apply their academic studies and research findings in the educational process. This integration of research into teaching methodologies has a positive impact on the quality of education and equips students with relevant skills and knowledge in their respective fields of study.

During a meeting with Prof. Mahmoud Abdelat, the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies at Ahlia University, Prof. Al-Hawaj expressed his admiration for the newly released book titled “Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.” He praised the book as a valuable addition to the Arabic library, particularly in a field that is witnessing a surge of interest and attention. In today’s era, where technology plays a pivotal role in economic, social, and cultural development, this publication addresses a subject of utmost significance.

Prof. Mahmoud Abdelat shed light on the critical link between cybersecurity and the protection of sensitive data, personal privacy, countering cyber-attacks, national and economic security, and the fight against sophisticated threats. He underscored the urgent need for cybersecurity measures as societies transition to knowledge-based economies and technology permeates all aspects of life. He further emphasised that cybersecurity is essential in safeguarding sensitive information, including personal, financial, and commercial data. Breaches in data security can lead to cybercrime and financial fraud, thus, cybersecurity’s pivotal role lies in ensuring the privacy and safety of individuals and online users, guaranteeing secure online banking transactions, e-commerce activities, and personal communications.

He highlighted the alarming activities of internet hackers who target computer systems and networks for espionage, sabotage, and information theft. Cybersecurity has evolved to provide diverse protection systems aimed at thwarting these attacks and minimizing potential threats. Governments are increasingly prioritising this field due to its urgent necessity in safeguarding government systems, national infrastructure, and vital commercial institutions. Cyberattacks targeting these systems can disrupt essential services and result in substantial economic losses for governments and society at large.

Ahlia University’s commitment to excellence in research and its dedication to addressing pressing issues such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence reflect its standing as a leading educational institution. The release of the book marks a significant milestone in the University’s contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of valuable research findings.

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