Ninth Annual Research Forum Call for Papers

The Ahlia University Ninth Annual Research Forum under the theme “Multidisciplinary Research Forum for Sustainable Innovation” is planned to take place from Sunday 4th December to Tuesday 6th December 2022. The Research Forum is an ongoing tradition at Ahlia University to showcase recent research, books, posters, and creative projects.

The objective of the forum is to gather leading academicians, scholars, and researchers to share their knowledge and new ideas as well as to discuss current development in multidisciplinary fields.  Research is one of Ahlia University’s strategic pillars reflecting on Ahlia’s values and strategic mission. Upon that, we encourage every scholar, academic faculty, postgraduate, and graduate student to participate in the upcoming 9th Research Forum which is an ongoing tradition.

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the success of this event by submitting your abstract by clicking here.

Please submit your abstracts by Tuesday 25th October 2022.

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