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Conscious Youth and a Drug-Free Environment

In cooperation with Ministry of Intrior, the Narcotics Anonymous organization, and Good Imprint Association, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Ahlia University organised an awareness session titled “Conscious Youth and a Drug-Free Environment”.

Ms. Amina Al-Sulaiti, Director of Student Activities and Services at Ahlia University, explained that the session aimed to raise awareness of the dark side of drugs and psychotropic substances. The session also aimed to create a culture without drugs and build a safe home.

The session included several awareness topics, including the efforts of the National Strategic Plan to Combat Drugs and the General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence, along with the programmes launched to increase the rates of the recovery from drug addiction in society. Parties participated in the session stressed the importance of reporting any complaint, observation, or suspicious messages promoting drugs via the Hotline (996).

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