Research Seminars conducting by the college


  1. 22nd March 2017, Dr. Ahmed Jameel, PAPR Reduction of Localized Single Carrier FDMA Using the Partial Transmit Sequence in LTE Systems (Research Forum). Gallery
  2. 22nd March 2017, Dr Ahmed Jedidi, History Trust Routing Algorithm to Improve Efficiency and Security in Wireless Sensor Networks (Research Forum). Gallery


  1. 12th May 2016, Dr. Ammar Al Dallal, Securing Web Applications Against Cross-Site Scripting. Gallery
  2. 23rd November 2016, Dr. Ayman AlaiwiUsing Ground as a Transmission MediumGallery


  1. 28th November 2015, Dr. Ahmed JedidiOptimization of code application to Improve MTTF in SoCGallery
  2. 18th November 2015, Dr. Ammar Al DallalUsing Genetic Algorithm with Combinational Crossover to Solve Travelling Salesman ProblemGallery
  3. 16th March 2015, Dr. Madina HamianeAutomatic Detection of Abnormalities in ECG signals (Research Forum)Gallery


  1. 28th April 2014, Dr. Masaud JahromiOnline Multimedia.
  2. 23rd April 2014, Dr. Ammar AlDallalImproving Genetic Algorithm Convergence in Information Retrieval using Hybrid Crossover.
  3. 16th April 2014, Prof. Nabil MoussaTeaching Mathematics to Engineering Students in Developing CountriesGallery
  4. 9th April 2014, Mr. Ruchin JainSelf-Similarity in the Network Traffic –Part II. Gallery
  5. 24th March 2014, Mr. Ruchin JainSelf-Similarity in the Network Traffic –Part I.


  1. 3rd December 2012, Dr. Ahmed Jameel, Performance Comparison of Hard and Soft-Decision Decoding of Systems with Tx/Rx Diversity.
  2. 28th November 2012, Dr. Ammar Al Dallal, Enhancing Recall and Precision in Web Search Using Genetic Algorithms.
  3. 21st November 2012, Dr. Madina HamianeWavelet Transform and its Applications.