Dr. Zuhair earned his Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree (excellence with honors), in Information and Communication Sciences, from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain (1988). He worked as an Associate Professor in the Media and Journalism Department of the College of Information in the University of Baghdad,Iraq (1989-1995).

He has practiced media and journalism in several governmental and official institutions for various managerial and editorial posts. Additionally, he worked as a Media Consultant for the Iraqi radio and television stations. He also worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Education for women in the University of Kufa, Iraq.

Dr. Zuhair has accomplished many researches and studies in his field of specialization, and has participated in many Arabic and international scientific conferences. He has conducted many researches and studies in his field of specialization, in addition to his participation in many Arabic and international scientific conferences.

Dr. Zuhair has been a faculty member for more than 25 years, teaching in various areas of media and journalism. Throughout his academic career, he has supervised more than eighty MA and PhD theses, and has conducted many workshops and seminars in the field of media and journalism. Currently, he is an Associate Professor and the Chairperson of the Department of Mass Media and Public Relations, Ahlia University, Bahrain.


Research Area:

Media discourse, narrative analysis, political communication of social movements, methodology and philosophy of science in humanities. 

  • Mental image of Arabs in the Spanish Newspapers. (Content Analysis study on a sample of Spanish newspapers), Journal of the Arab world, Issue (3) – Arabic and Spanish Studies Center for – Madrid, 1990. 

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  • The editorial policy of Gulf newspapers and the factors influencing the Communicators (Field Study), semat  Journal  Issue 2 / University of Bahrain,2013. 

  • Arab Journalism and the culture difference, Book issued by the Institute of Political Development in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 2015. 

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  • Gulf elite’s use of the means of social Networks sites and Gratification realized, Ain Shams University, Journal of Childhood studies , Vol 20, Issue76, 2017, 


Courses taught include: 

  • Introduction to Journalism
  • News Writing & Editing
  • Public Opinion
  • Public Relations
  • Communication and Contemporary Theories
  • Political Communication
  • Media and Public Relations Campaigns
  • Electronic Journalism


Dr. Zuhair Dhaif has been assigned as a supervisor, reader and an internal examiner for different projects and dissertations.


He has participated in various conferences, seminars & workshops, including the planning and implementing of research studies for mass media organizations. 

 Conferences :

  • International Symposium on the problems of Youth and the media in the developing countries, Cyprus, 1982. 

  • International Conference on Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations Switzerland.1989. 

  • Arab Symposium on Human Rights and the media in the Arab world, Beirut, 1993. 

  • Participation in the media authority of the Conference in the light of market economics and globalization, Brazil, 2001. 

  • Participation in the global media system and free flow of information Conference of Mexico, Mexico City, 2002. 

  • Participation in the new / University of Bahrain, the first conference / media. Bahrain, 2009. 

  • Participate in a workshop at the crossroads of Fujairah Media II “and the Arabic language translator in the media and the challenges of the future.,2011” 

  • A seminar on effective communication and marketing ideas / Ahlia University, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2012. 

  • Participate in the preparation workshop in the practice of media work between the text and the application and responsibility / Supreme Council for Women , Kingdom of Bahrain ,2013 

  • Workshop / disinformation, tactics and goals / professors in the Faculty of Arts and Science and Education, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2014. 

  • The role of media in promoting integrity and anti-corruption / Ministry of Interior / General Administration of anti-corruption and economic and electronic security, Kingdom of Bahrain,2016.