Program Content & Structure

The MBA program consists 36 credits; 18 credits (6 courses) are core courses, 6 credits (2 courses) are core elective courses, and a 12-credits dissertation. The curriculum is designed to facilitate student learning in a systematic and balanced fashion. Core courses provide students with functional skills in particular fields of business, except for the business research methods course, which provides analytical and quantitative skills cutting across functions. Functional core courses provide a mix of theory and practice. Recently, the “mix” between theory and practice was recalibrated away from the former and towards the latter with Managerial Economics replacing Economic Theory and Managerial Accounting replacing Accounting Theory. In juxtaposition to these, the elective core courses, in addition to providing a strong foundation for deeper analysis in the subsequent component of the program, provide a venue in which interrelationships among several functional business arenas can be assessed.

Students are required to complete a dissertation (XXXX 599, 12 credits) in a topic chosen from a variety of fields including: Accounting, Economics, Banking, Finance, Management, Marketing and MIS.

MBA Study Plan