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Ms. Zainab Abdulmohsen Ali Eid

Lecturer – College of Arts & Science – Interior & Graphic Design Dept.

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Zainab AbdulMohsen is a lecturer of Interior design at Ahlia University. She is holding MSc in Architectural Design from University of Sheffield with distinction and BSc in Interior Design with second honor from University of Bahrain. Zainab has 7 years’ experience in the field of interior and architectural design. She had taught at the University of Bahrain and Kingdom University before joining Ahlia University. Besides working at various Design offices such as: YQart, My Spaces Designs and Alriwaq. Moreover, she is an Autodesk certified and skilled in Adobe programs. Zainab is great at hand sketching and building documentation through photographs, measured drawings and detailed sketches.

Zainab is very keen to vernacular architectural design that has a great response to social, and environment aspects. She is also interested in sustainable approaches in design and new technologies incorporated into architecture, while responding to the cultural context. Zainab has conducted her masters’ thesis in resolving the issues of land reclamation in Bahrain through designing a prototype using a floating structure inspired by the fishermen huts in the same area.

Zainab had attended and delivered various lectures in the above topics and had researched in tangible and intangible aspects of design. Through her study trips to Morocco in 2015 and 2016, she researched public baths (hammam) and courtyard houses in north Africa with University of Sheffield. Besides that, the trip to India, Ahmedabad in 2019, when she studied courtyard houses and urban settlements in the old city with The International Society for Vernacular Settlement (ISVS). Furthermore, Zainab have attended various workshops with Mawane, the Lighting Institute and University of Applied Science Europe to explore light and sound in architecture to tailor the social experience. Zainab have won the second price in Fakhar competition designing a monumental landscape to celebrate the Bahraini women in the engineering field. Zainab delivered a workshop called (Haiz) or space with Ministry of Culture and Antiquities in Bahrain to redesign and refurbish public spaces in the old Manama. Furthermore, she presented her masters’ thesis at Nothumbria University, Newcastle. Finally, Zainab has a keen eye to explore various communities and their interaction and alteration of spaces through her travels and documentation to enhance the users experience in the interior and urban spaces.

Teaching Areas

  • Interior Design Studios
  • Working Drawing
  • Computer Programs:
  • Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk 3DsMAX
  • Autodesk Revit

Research Areas

  • Environment sustainability
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Building and finishing materials
  • Socially conscious architecture
  • Interior architectural integration

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