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Head of Follow-up / Lecturer – College of Business & Finance – Accounting Finance and Banking Dept.

Contact Information

  • Holds Master degree in Accounting from Applied Science University, Jordan (2013).
  • Research interest is mainly in Accounting and Auditing.


Sara graduated from Applied Sciences University in 2013 and holds a Master’s degree in Accounting, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Al-Ahliyya Amman University (2011). Sara was ranked first among the graduating batch of students. During her BS studies, she interned for major firms including City Bank.  After completing her Master’s degree, she joined the Department of Accounting and Economics at Ahlia University as a lecturer in June 2014.



Undergraduate Students.

Teaching Areas

  • Principles of Accounting (1)

  • Principles of Accounting (2)

  • Intermediate Accounting (1)

  • Intermediate Accounting (2)

  • International Accounting

  • Accounting System

  • Managerial Accounting

Research Areas

Sara’s research interests lie in the areas of auditing, managerial accounting, and corporate governance.