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Lecturer – College of Information Technology – Information Technology Dept.

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Khadija Ateya Almohsen was born in 1988 in Bahrain. She received her B.Sc. in Computer Science, from University of Bahrain, in 2011 with G.P.A 4 out of 4.
Ms. Khadija joined Ahlia University in 2011 as a Research Assistant while studying her Master degree in Information Technology and Computer Science in the same university. Once she had finished her Master studies in 2015 with G.P.A. 4 out of 4, she was promoted to the position of a lecturer. In addition to teaching responsibilities, she is a member in several committees as well as being involved in different tasks related to quality assurance, curriculum development and NQF.
Furthermore, she served the community by being a reviewer in IJECE Journal for couple of research papers, providing IT consultation to small business and coordinating projects for the industry.
Prior to joining Ahlia University, she was working in Microcenter, Bahrain as Technical Support Executive and Trainer in the field of Geographical Information System (GIS).


  • Khadija Ateya Almohsen and Huda AlJobori (2016) “Recommender System in the Context of Big Data: Implementing SVD-Based Recommender System using Apache Hadoop and Spark”. Effective Big Data Management and Opportunities for Implementation. IGI Global: USA. 231 – 246. Available on:
  • A. Almohsen and H. AlJobori (2015) “Recommender Systems in Light of Big Data”. IJECE. Vol 5, No 6. Available on:


I received several awards over the past ten years, such as:

  • Abu Kamel Al-Haseb Prize for Excellent Academic Achievement from University of Bahrain [2015]
  • Ahlia University President’s List of Honor [2011-2015]
  • First award in senior project exhibition [2011]
  • UOB President’s List of Honor [2006-2011]
  • Prime Minister Honor List for Excellent Academic Achievement [2006]
  • Northern Governorate award for Excellent Academic Achievement [2006]
  • Jidhafs Cultural Center award for Excellent Academic Achievement [2006].

Main Responsibilities

-Member in several committees in the department and college
-Member in the NQF confirmation panel of BSID program
-Contributing in the development of BSIT curriculum
-Internal verifier to some BSIT Courses
-ITCS 499 Major Project Coordinator
-Member in big data analytics research group
-Secretary of both DC and CC

Teaching Areas

  • ITCS 101: Introduction to Computers and Information Technology & ICDL
  • ITCS 214: Computer Sysems
  • ITCS 121: Computer Programming
  • ITCS 222: Visual Programming

Research Areas

  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Recommender System
  • Databases

Faculty Research

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Recommender Systems in Light of Big Data

Khadija A. Almohsen, Huda Al-Jobori

Recommender System in the Context of Big Data: Implementing SVD-Based Recommender System using Apache Hadoop and Spark

Khadija Ateya Almohsen, Huda Kadhim Al-Jobori

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