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Ms. Amal Attiya

Lecturer – College of Arts & Science

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An enthusiastic Bahraini creative designer with an interest in sustainability, technology, and space psychology, passionate about engaging with the world through experiencing surroundings and studying human behaviour. After graduating from Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of Bahrain in 2013, Amal completed her master’s degree with distinction in Product Design from Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom in 2015, focusing on creating the best user experience for sustainable online packaging.

Throughout her journey in teaching interior design since 2015, she discovered how influential she can be with delivering knowledge to young designers, believing that one teacher can change a student’s life forever. Being a teacher became who she is, rather than what she does. Her focus area in terms of research includes visual communication, visual plagiarism and spatial wayfinding.

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Preventing Visual Plagiarism in Design Programs in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Ahlia University

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