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Dr. Sayed Mohamed Jaafar Mohamed Fadhul

Assistant Professor – College of Business & Finance – Accounting Finance and Banking Dept.

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  • Currently undertaking research in line with AU’s research strategy and activities.
  • Has directed and managed many algorithmic trading projects.
  • Is an entrepreneurial, research, and development consultant.
  • Supervises undergraduate and graduate projects and dissertations.


Sayed Mohamed Fadhul joined Ahlia University as an Assistant Professor in financial engineering, in 2015. Since then, he has been providing academic leadership and contribution to the fields of mathematical and computational financial derivatives, algorithmic trading, dynamic portfolio management, Islamic finance, and corporate finance. He is currently undertaking research in line with AU’s research strategy and activities, and where appropriate, university administrative responsibilities.

From the time he had joined Bradford University and until now, Dr. Sayed has directed and managed many algorithmic trading projects from analysing multiple streams with different time frames, i.e. long, short, intraday, and high-frequency statistical analysis. He has followed this by innovating, testing, improving, and implementing quantitative and systematic trading strategies. Moreover he finalizes them by simulating trading strategies logic and back-testing them upon historical data, and if needed, taking them to live trading.

Since 2012, he has become an entrepreneurial, research, and development consultant for many permanent and contractual clients in Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq. He builds turnkey projects and proposes them to his clients as well as to other investors. E.g. (Intelligent E-Business Solutions, Universal Agriculture (Iraq, Oman, improving Bahrain), Bahrain Poultry, Grand Tiger Semi-Automated Production Line for Heavy attachments, Universal Casting, Single point Plastic, Basmat Qutoof Mining (Oman), Universal Asphalt, and other hydroponic and aquaponics in the GCC. He is currently working on new projects including SinglePoint Galvanisation, improving Grand Tiger Company to automate more processes, and a huge poultry project in Iraq. Moreover, he is assisting entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by opening new enterprises or ventures. Developing market, business, financial, operational (technical or/and managerial or/and Financial), branding, marketing, organisational, structuring and restructuring studies is part of his consultancy activities.


  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate projects and dissertations


  • Sayed Mohamed Fadel and Al-Ajmi, Jasim, Risk Management of Islamic Banks: Empirical Evidence from Banks in Bahrain. Corporate Ownership and Control, Accepted for publication.

Teaching Areas

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment
  • Portfolio management

Research Areas

  • Financial Engineering, Derivatives, Algorithmic Trading, Dynamic Portfolio “Asset Allocation”, Optimisation, Protection.
  • Capital markets, Behavioural Finance, Market Efficiency, Portfolio Construction, Management and Protection.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Islamic finance and risks.
  • Scientific and numerical algorithms: (V) FFT (Integration & Convolution), Monte Carlo (Simulation & Integration) FDM (Differential Equations), etc.; mainly using C, C++ Object Oriented, Matlab.
  • Applied mathematics & statistics in finance and engineering: Stochastic Calculus, Lévy Process, Copula Function, etc.
  • Big Data Analytic in finance simplifying complex and huge dataset in effective ways.

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