Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Ahlia MBA Program. Whether you are student, employee, business owner or considering to be a Manager-Leader, we welcome you to our MBA program.

In today’s highly competitive international business world, businesses are calling for leaders with high practical wisdom and global mind-set to drive change and transform the way of doing business. Within this perspective and since 2002/2003, Ahlia University has been at the forefront in developing and offering an outstanding MBA program that would give the students the opportunity to gain new business insights and a new perspective that can help them unleash their leadership potential.

Ahlia University MBA program is a unique program specifically designed to provide learners with a deep understanding of the social, economic and environmental aspects of the local, reginal and international business world. Our MBA program is ideal for those who want to become a leader and gain experience that would empower them to conquer complex challenges and real-world business issues, and to lead teams towards business success and innovation.

You are always welcome to join our MBA program and benefit from our curriculum content and offered courses.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our MBA program.

Best regards,

Dr. Anji Ben Hamed
MBA Director

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