1. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Karim Hadjar,  New Approach for Scheduling tasks and / or jobs in Big Data Cluster. Gallery
  2. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Suresh Subramanian, Duplicate Detection.
  3. 22thMarch 2017, Dr. Hasan Kadhem,  Authentication Mobiles.
  4. 22thMarch 2017, Ms. Jenan Al Moosa, Fuzzy Database for the Heart.


  1. 14th December 2016, Dr. Baraa Sharif, Routing Protocol for Seamless Connectivity over VANET-UMTS Heterogeneous Network.
  2.  7th December 2016, Mrs. Khadija Ateya Almohsen, Recommender Systems in the Context of Big Data.
  3.  30th November 2016, Dr. Wasan Awad, GP- based Cipher Systems Design.
  4.  9th November 2016, Dr. Sohail Safdar, Research Gap Analysis through Personalized Structured Literature Review: Continuous System Availability During Cyber Threats.
  5. 2nd November 2016, Dr. Suresh Subramanian, Classification of Microarray Data Analysis Using Hadoop Mapereduce Based SVM Kernels in Bigdata.
  6. 26th October 2016, Dr. Hasan Kadhem, Balancing Security and Performance for Encrypted Database in the Cloud.