Clinical education courses takes place at a number of external sites (see list of affiliated hospitals & centres)and are structured, credited, documented and assessed according to the norms and standards of the University for clinical courses. Clinical training experience are embedded in clinical courses. Students are placed into 2 major governmental hospitals (under the Ministry of Health (MOH) & Ministry of Defense), primary health centers (under the MOH), 5 private hospitals (one of it is specialised hospital) and two private clinics. Students in final year will be also gaining experience visiting community-based centres in both pediatric and geriatric settings.

Each multi-section clinical course has a course coordinator, course instructor and Clinical assistant(s) all of whom are licensed physiotherapists/medical practitioners and act as mentors to the students. The coordinators and instructors are either full time or part-time faculty members under the management of the Department Chairperson.

Furthermore, Clinical Education have been detailed in a Clinical Education Manual and Clinical Training and Education Logbook which includes policies & procedures and assessment methods.

Name of Hospitals/Centers Website
Salmaniya Medical Complex
King Hamad University Hospital
Primary Health Centers, Ministry of Health


  1. Isa Town Health Center
  2. Ibn Sina Health Center
  3. Ahmed Ali Kanoo Health Center
  4. Mohammed Jassim Kanoo Health Center
  5. NBB-Arad Health Center
American Mission Hospital
Ibn-Al Nafees Hospital
Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
Royal Bahrain Hospital
International Hospital of Bahrain
Therapy Center for Physical Therapy
Bahrain Mobility Center
Community-Based Rehabilitation Centers


  1. NBB- Elderly People Center
  2. NBB-Disabled Children Center
  3. Dar Al Manar Parent’s Day Care Center
  4. Al Hekma Retirement Society
  5. Muharraq Social Welfare Center