The Department of Management Information Systems awards B.Sc. in Management Information Systems (BSMIS) degree at the Ahlia University. The BSMIS program aims to furnish students with the sufficient knowledge that allows them to pursue a career: not limited to a career path like system analysis and design, software developer, web developer, information security manager, technical support specialist, etc. Management Information Systems (MIS) is a study of people, technology, and organizations. So, students who enjoy technology; have what it takes to understand such a major.

The aim of this program is to focus its objective on understanding reliable systems for an effective and efficient business where the core skills of MIS students are built on their ability to pursue active on-hand problem-solving. Such core skills are built on core tasks like ones ability to determine business requirements for information systems. This is only possible if MIS students are balanced between theoretical and applicable IT skills. MIS students can initiate their careers starting as the business systems analyst and pursue career goals to a senior organizational manager.