Welcome to the College of Medical and Health Sciences at AHLIA University.

Medical and Health Sciences is the largest industry sector in the world. The importance of training individuals to be independent medical services practitioners by providing them with a diverse academic, research and clinical experience to enrich their professional development is critical to our future development.

Here at The College of Medical and Health Sciences we aspire to produce highly competent health care professionals who utilise critical thinking for clinical decision-making and demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour.

We impart the knowledge, attitudes and skills vital to carrying out clinical, research, administrative and academic functions and produce graduates who will be socially and ethically aware, trained in the latest scientific techniques within the health care sector, and most importantly employer ready to enter the Health Care sector as highly skilled medical professionals.

A career within Medical and Health Sciences can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable professions. We welcome you to our College and together, look forward to a successful future.