Programmes : Core Competence (in both BSCCE & BSMNE)

This programme achieved Full Confidence by QQA

As one of the five colleges of Ahlia University, the College of Engineering strives to provide excellence in teaching and research in a stimulating learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation. The College is committed to producing competent well-rounded graduates in the field of Computer, Telecommunication and Network engineering, who are able to meet new challenges and responsibilities in a technology driven society. It aims to help students to acquire transferable skills needed in their professional life and develop their critical, creative and analytical thinking and problem solving skills. The College offers a firm and broad-based education, with provision for a substantial amount of specialisation in the final year of study. In the field of Computer and communication Engineering cutting edge courses such as, microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital logic design , embedded systems, analogue and digital communications systems and digital signal processing are offered. In the field of Mobile and Network engineering, the college offers courses in analogue and digital communications, wireless and multimedia communications, computer networks , network routing and switching and network design and security. The technical electives embedded within the curricula address current and state-of-the-art engineering topics such as computer vision, machine learning, optical communications and software-defined radio.

The College emphasises a hands-on approach to engineering that combines academic excellence and research in an innovative way enabling students to be competent in a broad range of technical skills. By training individuals to become specialists, we provide our students with exposure to and experience in cutting edge technology and so enrich their professional development and conceptual understanding, problem solving ability and analytical thinking skills.

The College mission revolves around imparting the knowledge, attitudes and skills vital to enable graduates to become experts in all the research, administrative and academic functions associated with the engineering profession. Its aim is to produce highly knowledgeable engineers who utilise critical thinking for decision-making and demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour. As such, the College shares the impressive success of the University so far in the Quality Assurance evaluation reports.

The College offers the following programs:

Both programs are accredited by the Higher Education Council in Bahrain and are running successfully. The College has high calibre faculty with a diverse cultural background and teaching experience. The academic faculty consists of 1 full professor, 2 Associate Professors, 6 Assistant Professors 2 Lecturers, and 3 Lab assistants. The college encourages quality research among faculty and students, and faculty members attend and present papers at regional and international conferences and publish their research in reputable journals.

The College maintains a good relationship with the relevant industries. There are strong ties with telecommunication companies and various engineering organisations. This relationship enhances training, research and job opportunities for the College graduates.