Dr. Karim Hajjar

Chairperson - Department of Multimedia Science
+97317298974 khajjar@ahlia.edu.bh Academic Profile
  • Ph.D. holder in Computer Science from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland since 2006 titled ‘A study of the evolution of the models for document recognition written in Arabic within an interactive context&rsquo.
  • Master holder in Modelling and Management Information Systems.

Department of Multimedia Science is aimed to provide quality education in the field of Multimedia. The goal is to prepare skillful Multimedia professionals with the ability to analyze, design, innovate, automate and implement the real world solutions. It is also a focus of department to collaborate and conduct quality research in the field of Multimedia, hence to contribute to the society with innovative solutions. In relevance to the College of Information Technology’s mission, department offers the educational program Bachelor Level. The offered programs is Bachelor in Distributed Systems and Multimedia (BSDSM). The Multimedia department is well equipped with modern facilities and resources to support the BSDSM programme and operations. Our faculty is highly qualified with diverse experience and are actively involved in teaching and research.

Best Wishes Dr. Karim Hajjar