Prof. Allam Hamdan

+97317298999 Ext: 8909 Academic Profile
  • Obtained his PhD in Accounting from Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman, Jordan.
  • Has published more than 60 papers in regional and international journals.

Dear all, I am honored to be entrusted to serve as dean of the Business and Finance college, Ahlia University’s largest college. Established in 2003, our college will continue to play an influential role among students and faculty. With rigorous efforts and high-quality education, we aim to qualify our students to be future leaders in business and management in their communities in Bahrain and across the region. Although being a young and small university, we dream big in terms of providing the apogee of quality education to our students through our imparting competencies and life-long learning skills that will enable them to shape their future careers throughout their lifetime.

We believe this will help them become outstanding contributors not only to industry and but also to academia as well. Our faculty is a subject of our pride. Boasting diverse educational and occupational backgrounds, the faculty serves the university as an essential asset bringing to fruition international educational standards locally. In line with Ahlia University’s vision regarding scientific research, our college will continue to graduate professionals, steeped in research skills, able to best serve their community. Creating a challenge for us and our students that we are ready to tackle in order to achieve our goals, scientific research we regard as the core mission of any university. Scientific research, as a driver of innovation, contributes, to a major extent, to the sustainability of any business. In addition, scientific research informs public policies that bring positive outcomes to individuals as well as whole communities.

We believe in the integration of all branches of knowledge; accordingly, we aim to equip our students with skills derived from all functional business branches (Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and MIS). Other innovative programmes of current salience are in the process of being launched to serve future market needs. To our postgraduate students, we believe you are an important asset for Business and Finance College. We put a premium on endowing you with analytical skills, research competencies and decision-making skills that will serve you throughout your professional career. Once again, I am delighted to serve as dean of the Business and Finance College of Ahlia University, where all faculty members are united in the endeavor to achieve ever higher standards of business education, professional practice and scientific research.

Best Wishes Prof. Allam Hamdan