Dr. Imad M. M. Assali

Chairperson - Department of Interior Design
+97317298953 iassali@ahlia.edu.bh Academic Profile
  • Holds a PhD in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture & Urban Planning in the Technical University of Graz in Austria Has conducted research in the areas of Architecture and Landscaping design
  • Has conducted research in the areas of Architecture and Landscaping design

A professional career in Interior Design is more challenging today than ever. It combines creativity, aesthetics, innovation, and practice to create the important stages upon which people live their lives. It is a rewarding career that provides a great opportunity to enter the field.

Therefore, a career in Interior Design at AU promotes student participation in numerous facets of interior design such as developing products, furniture, lighting, interior architecture, events and scenography.
The Department of Interior Design at AU represents quality and innovation in the design world in a truly democratic way, developing student’s skill set socially, environmentally, academically and professionally. Design + Build + Innovate with an open mind and a desire to experiment and surprise whilst maintaining traditional values and principles.

At AU, we are educating students to become highly qualified career oriented Interior Design graduates able to integrate art, design, technology and business practice, with the skills and knowledge to produce highly functional and aesthetically appealing interior environments. In addition, the program enforces ethical values in regards to the profession and ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as environmental considerations.

Best Wishes Dr. Imad M. M. Assali

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