Ahlia University

Stemmed from the desire and sense of responsibility that Ahlia University has against the society and their own students, and as part of their vision, of being leaders in the market of higher education, they do understand the need to invest in their capital made of partially their students in order to equip the market with talented workforce. Based on this, internship (INTR 441) course was introduced, representing a structured opportunity to incorporate academic, professional and personal skills development which enables the student to gain a planned and directed learning experience. It enables the student to integrate knowledge gained through their classroom learning with the competencies made available through actual experience in a professional setting. Internship gives students an opportunity to gain experience of an IT- work environment and to develop links with professionals in the field they are considering for a future career. Furthermore, It used to enhance student employability and at the same time to build relationships between the university, businesses and the local community.
The internship programme requires a minimum of 240 hours of work at the internship worksite. Students will receive academic credit after a successful completion of the programme. The numbers of credits that are earned by the student as a result of successful completion of the internship programme are 6 credits.
IT students get superior and brilliant experience through internship course associated and incorporated by directorate of students career & recruitment. There is a remarkable success in student performances proven by college supervisor’s reports given by college internship supervisor and officers. Most of the internes have been demonstrated exceptional and outstanding performances, morality, dedication and punctuality in their workplaces stated by their directors and supervisors during site visits. Fortunately, some of them will be hired immediately while obtaining their academic degrees such as our student “ Yousif Sabba” who has proven his capability and competency at Electricity and Water Authority.
IT interns are assigned in public and private sectors related to IT, such as, Minstry of Education (Information Systems Directorate), Electricity and Water Authority (information Systems Directorate), Prince Vents Managements, and Gulf Air.