Hooria Hafedh holds a Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) 2006 from Ahlia University and an International Computer Driving License (ICDL) 2004. She also gained a MOE Education (specializing in teaching) Diploma-UDED 2003, at the University of Bahrain and a B.Sc. in Accounting 2001, University of Bahrain.

Hafedh worked as a teacher for 11 years (2002-2013) for the MOE and taught Commercial studies. She also worked as the students’ academic advisor for 6 years and as the facilitator for the International Education & Resource Network (iEARN) for two years, in which students were involved in an international collaborative project.

Hooria was appointed by the MOE as a Quality Assurance Coordinator for two years (2011-2013) and attended courses for A1 and V1 (Assessor and Verifier) Qualifications. As a QA Coordinator, she conducted presentations on Quality Awareness programme and developed new policies, procedures, forms and documents to support the General Secondary Vocational Education.



Ms Hooria Hafedh’s research area is management studies.


Hooria Joined Ahlia University as a Lecturer in the Banking and Finance Department in 2013, she taught Financial Management, Investment Finance, Principles of risk management and insurance and introduction to Banking.



Hafedh was assigned to supervise and internally examine final projects in FINC and BANK 499 courses.