Fees & Scholarship


Ahlia University’s policy on fees and expenses is to charge students at a minimum consistent with the provision of high quality instruction and superior facilities and equipment. THE UNIVERSITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANY OR ALL FEES AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. Such changes will be applicable to students currently registered in the University as well as to new students.

Each AU student must pay all his/her tuition and other charges levies on time. Students who do not pay their tuition charges within two weeks of the commencement of the semester are subject to having their registration for the current semester cancelled. At the discretion of the University, cancellation may be partial prorated with the proportion of the amount outstanding paid by the student. A student in arrears is further subject to being denied the right to attend classes and to sit for final examinations as well as having his/her final grades withheld by the Registrar and his/her requests for transcripts denied. University policy also mandates the withholding of he degree certificate until such time as debts owed to AU are paid in full.

All students must finalise registration and settle their accounts with the University on time. Under exceptional circumstances, with prior approval of the President of the University, a student may be permitted to pay in instalments. Otherwise, late payment incurs a late payment fee (refer to the University Calendar and the schedule of fees below) and the University reserves the right to charge additional successive levies on delinquent accounts.


The following tables show the tuition fees for all programmes and other fees for a cross-section of services. These fees do not cover costs of books and supplies, special services, etc. The admission fee and the placement test fees are levied per application and per test respectively. The tuition fees are charged for each semester per credit hour enrolled.

Pre-Admission Fees

Admission Fee BD 20
English/Mathematics Test BD 20 (each)

Pre-Registration Fees

Registration Fee BD 200
Late Registration Fee BD 25


Orientation Programme if applicable (one semester)

Intensive English BD 600
Preparatory Mathematics BD 600
100 level courses BD 100 per credit-hour/semester
200 level courses BD 110 per credit-hour/semester
300 level courses BD 120 per credit-hour/semester
400 level courses BD 130 per credit-hour/semester



In the event that a student withdraws for justifiable reasons after registration, tuition fees may be refunded depending on the withdrawal period, refer to the Withdrawal section under the Undergraduate Academic Rules and Procedures. In all cases, all other fees, including the registration fees, are not refundable under any circumstances.


In the event that a student applies for re-enrolment, some fees may be charged depending on the student reenrollment category, official temporary withdrawal, unofficial withdrawal, suspension or dismissal, refer to the Re-enrolment section under the Undergraduate Academic Rules and Procedures.


Ahlia University may charge other fees for services to applicants, students and graduates as shown below:

Category Fees
Additional Copy of the Graduation Notification BD 10
Additional Copy of the Academic Transcript BD 5
Challenge of Grade BD 10
Change of Grade BD 20
Corrections of the Student Name on the Wall Certificate and Ratification by HEC BD 30
Duplicate Graduation Notification from the HEC BD 10
Duplicate of the Wall Certificate BD 30
Duplicate Stamp and Ratification Wall Certificate by HEC (5 Copies) BD 25
Ratification of an English Version of the Wall Certificate or a Duplicate from HEC BD 10
Re-issuing Student ID Card BD 5
Student Enrolment Confirmation Letter BD 5
Translated Graduation Notification from HEC BD 10
Translated Wall Certificate BD 20



Ahlia University has some funds available for highly qualified students with limited financial resources. Registered students may apply for financial aid or scholarship as follows:

Financial aid – first time students may be  granted tuition fees remission ranging from 25% to 50% provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of financial hardship
  • Minimum grade average of 90% or equivalent in the last three years of secondary school education.


Full and partial Scholarships – Enrolled students may apply for the President’s Scholarship which entitles them to a tuition fees remission ranging from 25% to 50% if they meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of limited financial resources
  • Minimum GPA of 3.75 out of 4.00 on courses studied at Ahlia University