The Department of Management Information Systems awards B.Sc. in Management Information Systems (BSMIS) degree at the Ahlia University. The BSMIS program aims to furnish students with the sufficient knowledge that allows them to pursue a career: not limited to a career path like system analysis and design, software developer, web developer, information security manager, technical […]

The Department of Management and Marketing houses the BSc. Program in Management and Marketing (BSMM) at Ahlia University. The BSMM program aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge that would enable them to pursue a career in management or marketing, and /or advanced further studies. The program seeks to provide students with analytical skills that […]

The program is structured around two fields (banking and finance, BSBF). The BSBF degree has a very high banking component (conventional and Islamic) within it and there is a direct application of economics and finance to banking. Studying at AU for a BSc. in banking and finance will help students to understand how money, capital […]

The Department of Accounting and Economics houses two BSc. Programs: Accounting and Finance program (BSAF) and Economics and Finance program (BSEF) at Ahlia University. We make sure that our graduates are ready to work in the very competitive business market globally. Our program aims to equip students with the required knowledge and skills that help […]

The Department of Foreign Languages is service language department offering English, French and Spanish courses as University requirements and electives. It’s also responsible for the English placement tests new students take to determine their level of English. Students who fail the placement test have to take 2 foundation English courses: 052 and 055. The Department […]