Brunel University London strategically partnered with Ahlia University in 2005 to offer the PhD without Residence Programme in Information Systems, Computing, Mathematics, and Business and Management studies. The programme was envisioned to attract students from the GCC region (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Qatar), where a significant number of people strive to gain […]

In Ahlia, we believe that gaining an international education isn’t limited to your studies, but also your experience. For this reason, the Directorate of International Relations dedicates its time to provide you the opportunity to live and study in a different culture and university. Whether it’s Ahlia’s students wishing to study abroad, or international students […]

The Digital and Branding Department has two key roles. Our first role is to protect the University brand identity. This includes ensuring the proper use of the logo throughout all Ahlia collateral, adherence to the brand guidelines and embedding the brand into the culture of the University. Our second role involves the governance of the […]

The responsibilities of the Centre for Measurement & Evaluation (CME) include the creation of policies, the generation of questionnaires and interview surveys, the distribution, collation and interpretation of the results of these questionnaires and any other forms of qualitative and quantitative measures that can help collect and produce data that are important to Ahlia University. […]

The Information and Documentation Centre provides essential information and documentation services to the University management, staff, students and other stakeholders. The Centre serves as a central information warehouse for all the University’s official releases including, but not limited to, publications, reports, agreements, minutes of official meetings, by-laws, policies, procedures, contracts and other related documents. The […]

The main role of Information and Communication Technology Centre is to support and maintain the activities of the AU community by providing the appropriate use of technology through IT related services to students/academics and administrative staff.  Our responsibilities include:  To provide, manage and maintain IT solution and services for the AU community and to perform […]

The strategic planning department plays a key role in the University’s ongoing development. Specific responsibilities include: Review the operational plans of all departments with AU Review the 5 years strategic plan Benchmark against international institutions Raise awareness internally of the strategic plan Educate and train all staff on planning and operational implementation

The Directorate of Administrative Services is responsible for the University’s administrative functions, providing key logistical support to both academic and non-academic staff.  The Directorate provides the following services: Facilities management Security/Health & safety Mail Telecommunications Transportation Warehousing Parking Reprography Contracting & Outsourcing Administrative Support Services

The Financial Affairs Directorate is responsible for the University’s financial and accounts activities including financial & cost accounting, cash & bank control, purchase & income ledger control, payroll, general administration and provides suggestions for long and short term financial planning & strategies. The Directorate is in charge of all financial transactions including accounts payable, accounts […]

The Production Media Centre consists of four key components: Photography Studio: Equipped with state-of–the-art digital cameras, strobe units and computing suites with editing photo composite software, the Photography Studio provides students with powerful photographic equipment permitting highly effective image editing that produces powerful visual effects. Field Production Unit: Whether creating an in-depth case study or […]