Dr. Allam Mohammed Hamdan

Chairperson - Department of Accounting and Economics
+97317298999 Ext: 8909 ahamdan@ahlia.edu.bh Academic Profile
  • Obtained his PhD in Accounting from Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences, Amman, Jordan.
  • Has published more than 60 papers in regional and international journals.

The Department of Accounting and Economics houses two BSc. Programs: Accounting and Finance program (BSAF) and Economics and Finance program (BSEF) at Ahlia University. We make sure that our graduates are ready to work in the very competitive business market globally. Our program aims to equip students with the required knowledge and skills that help them compete, provide students with sufficient background in accounting, finance and economics that helps them pursue their graduate studies and pass professional examinations, develop students’ soft skills including communication and teamwork. Finally, encourage lifelong learning and personal development.

Best Wishes Dr. Allam Mohammed Hamdan